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Fair Districts=Fair Elections CAll To Action

Ohio Republicans are rushing in a house resolution to put a constitution amendment on the ballot in May 2018? Why? because they want to catch up and get ahead of Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition’s redistricting plans. Their own plan is awful and would amplify gerrymandering in Ohio. If passed, 12 of the 15 congressional districts will be gerrymandered in favor of one party (not hard to guess which one).

STEP 1: Time to call!
Sen. Matt Huffman: 614.466.7584
Rep. Kirk Schuring: 614.752.2438
Senate President Larry Obhof: 614.466.7505
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: 614.466.3506

STEP 2: Ask to meet your state Rep and Senator when they’re back in their district. Ask for a face-to-face meeting about this issue

Deadline: Republicans have to pass their HR by Feb 7th. Act now!

Sample  script:

I’m an Ohio voter, and I care about redistricting reform. The proposal revealed this week by Statehouse Republicans is worse than Ohio’s current redistricting process, makes gerrymandering part of Ohio’s constitution and is unlikely to result in fair districts, which should be the ultimate goal. Ohio is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, and I expect each lawmaker in the Ohio Statehouse to stand up for the nearly 200,000 people who signed the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio’s proposal. I expect Republicans in the Congressional Redistricting Working Group to work across the aisle with Rep. Jack Cera and Sen. Vernon Sykes to come up with a bipartisan proposal to reform Ohio’s redistricting process.


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