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Notes: This week for the first time in history the National debt has surpassed 21 trillion dollars. Congress passed and Trump signed a suspension on  the federal debt limit allowing the government to borrow an unlimited amount of money until March 1, 2019.

Senator Rob Portman

Major Votes:

9/7/18.  Portman will be voting Yeah on Kavanaugh this coming week. He both introduced him in the Senate and delivered remarks supporting him to the Judiciary Committee and the Senate.

Other Activity:

9/5/18. Portman receives Beer Institutes 2018 Beer Champ Award based on his championing “common sense” tax reform.  Now he can add them to his list of dirty campaign donations.

9/6/18. Remarks on Cincinnati shooting, “Jane and I are heartbroken about today’s shooting in our hometown….”. He offers thoughts and prayers, but never any remarks about common sense gun control. As a reminder, the NRA has given Portman over $3 million.

9/6/18. Urges congress to pass his Opioid Act, saying, “It’s just common sense, we know where these drugs are coming from, we know how they’re devastating our communities, we know how we can stop this deadly trend.”

9/7/18. Portman praises solid jobs report saying that the tax reform is working to boost economic growth and job growth, which Obama noted in his speech on Sept 7, “those jobs numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016.”

9/7/18. Praises Kavanaugh again

Congressman Mike Turner

Major Votes:  none

Other Activity:

Turner has begun a calling campaign. He is not meeting face to face with Theresa Gasper, but is making phone calls to his “people” to remind them how much he cares about WPAFB and that he supports the federal pay increase.  Remember that 95.6% of the time,  he votes WITH Trump and is against Sanctuary Cities, Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank. He has missed 2.1%of the roll call votes since 2003