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Demand Equal Access to Lifesaving Medicaid.

Today we continue to focus on the shared value of equality.  Whether it is equal treatment by law enforcement, equal access to services and opportunities, equal application of discrimination law, or equal representation in Congress, this value has defined our struggle to fulfill the American Dream for over 200 years.

As progressive people, I think it is safe to say that one value we hold in common is equality.  This principle, so obvious to so many for so long, now needs to be defended in a way that we could hardly imagine just a few years ago.

Courtesy of Jen Hofmann, this week we will bring you a number of actions we can take to remind our representatives that part of working for us is reflecting our values when it comes to making policy, or demanding leadership from the President.

Action: Stand with Americans who are poor, disabled, and/or unable to work.

WriteBarbara Sears
Director, Ohio Department of Medicaid

              50 West Town Street, 4th Floor
              Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Director Sears,

I am deeply concerned about the CMS letter on 1/12/17 allowing states to deny medical care to vulnerable citizens. With a majority of Medicaid enrollees already working, in school, or medically unable to work, compliance enforcement is an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money. This new policy penalizes people living in poverty and with disabilities, cutting them off from a powerful poverty-reducing program. We must take care of our neighbors in need. I entreat you to continue providing Medicaid to all [Staters] who need it. Thank you for your consideration.

[Name], [town].


Thank you to Jen Hofmann and her weekly list for this week’s CTAs!

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