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TrumpCare and our Veterans

More than 441,000 veterans could lose insurance under TrumpCare, including 8,700 in Ohio. That’s for two reasons: the bill’s destruction of Medicaid as we know it, and the way the bill fails people with pre-existing conditions — which, for veterans, can include spinal injuries, amputations, and PTSD.

Today, let Senator Portman know you oppose TrumpCare because it hurts our State’s  veterans, of which one in ten receive care through private insurance or Medicaid.

Call Rob Portman at (513) 684-3265

Hi, my name is [NAME], calling from [ZIP]

Senator Portman needs to continue opposing the TrumpCare bill, no matter what. There’s nothing he can negotiate with Mitch McConnell that would make this bill something he should support – it is fundamentally flawed. Did you know that TrumpCare would cause 441,000 veterans to lose their healthcare, including 8,700 in Ohio? If Sen. Portman supports our veterans, he can not vote to take away care they depend upon.  

Post below on how the call went and who answered your phone call.

Please copy/paste this to your friends and other groups.

You can find additional scripts and links to more information at

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