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Trump’s Voter Suppression Commission

From our friends at Indivisible:

On May 11, Donald Trump issued an Executive Order establishing a “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,” to be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and managed by Vice-Chair Kris Kobach (R-KS Secretary of State). Make no mistake, “election integrity” is nothing but pretext. The real purpose of this commission is voter suppression.

On June 28, Kris Kobach sent a letter to election officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, requesting a massive amount of their voter data, if publicly available under state law—including highly personal information such as date of birth, political party, last four digits of Social Security Numbers, and elections voted in from 2006 onward. The letter asks that the data be uploaded into a federal government system for large data files, and says all documents submitted to the Commission will be made available to the public.

Tell Jon Husted to stand strong against the request.  He has stated his intention to only supply the publicly available portion of the data, but even this is too far: by making it easier for this fraudulent commission to manipulate our voting data, it will allow them to build a phony case for suppressing and intimidating the Democratic vote.  The tool used to upload this data is not secure, and it could be used by for-profit companies once released by the commission.  

Call Jon Husted at 614-466-2655

Follow the detailed script found at .  If you’d like, encourage him to instead make voting easier in Ohio, perhaps by implementing automatic voter registration, which has been introduced in the Ohio House (HB 14) but has yet to receive a hearing.

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