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Congressional Report: June 25 – June 29, 2018

Representative Turner

Major Votes: 

This week Rep. Turner voted “yea” on five bills that passed: HR 299 (Blue Navy Vietnam Veterans Act); HR 5783 (Cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies and Watch Act); HR 4294 (Prevention of Private Information Dissemination Act of 2017); HR 2083 (Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Act); and HR 5841 (Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act).

Rep. Turner also voted “yea” on HR 6136 (Border Security and Immigration Reform Act). This “more moderate” bill would have provided money for the border wall and protection for DACA recipients; however, HR 6136 would have reduced both legal migration and family migration. The bill failed.

Other Activity

At the end of the week, Rep. Turner was appointed to the House delegation that will work with senators to reconcile two versions of the bill to fund defense, the National Defense Authorization Act.

Senator Portman

Major Votes: 

Sen. Portman voted in favor of the Senate’s version of the Farm Bill which passed 86-11. The Senate Farm Bill is less objectionable than the House version but could still limit the number of Ohioans eligible for SNAP benefits.

Other Activity

This week Sen. Portman’s newsletter touts several bipartisan efforts. With Sen. Brown, he secured language in the Energy and Water Appropriations Act which will prohibit the dumping of toxic materials dredged from the Cuyahoga River into Lake Erie.

Ohio’s two senators along with Reps. Turner, Fudge, and Beatty secured land grant status for Central State in an amendment to the Farm Bill.

With senators of both parties, Sen. Portman introduced legislation to partially fund deferred maintenance in our national parks.

Sen. Portman continued to heap praise on the tax bill and spoke to that issue on the floor. He also expressed support for several bills that provide for more defense spending.