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Let’s get proactive!

As we have stepped up (yet again) to counter a crisis created by the Trump administration, the activist community is no doubt feeling familiar pangs of fatigue and powerlessness.  For close to 2 years we have been vigilant and made call after call, only to feel frustrated at the power of the status quo and ideology over reality.

Remember: this is by design.  Those who seek to undo progressive advances are counting on us getting tired and frustrated.

As a partial antidote, today we are asking you to be proactive rather than reactive.  In honor of LGBT Pride Month, let’s show support for all communities who experience hate crimes and advocate for them at the Sheriff’s office.

Action: Stand with your neighbors who endure the fear of hate crimes.

Write: Sheriff Phil Plummer, or 345 W. Second Street  Dayton, OH 45422

Script: Dear Sheriff Plummer, I’m a resident of [city] writing to advocate for awareness of hate crimes. Nationally, hate crimes are on the rise. Muslims and Jews, LGBTQ people, and immigrants are often targets. I’d like to know three things about our city’s police department: 1. Whether we’re tracking and reporting data on hate-motivated incidents, 2. If we are training officers on how to identify hate crimes, and 3. How our law enforcement staff are proactively supporting these communities. Thank you for your service and time. I look forward to your response. [Name and address]


Let us know if you receive a response!


Thanks to Jen Hoffman for today’s CTA content!

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