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HB 228 A Stand Your Ground Bill

Committee Hearing Scheduled for Tues 22 May 4pm

Ohio lawmakers have chosen to push forward HB 228, a stand your ground bill. This is a dangerous legislation that has been associated with increased homicide rates in other states that have passed it. In addition this bill includes a provision that would reduce the penalty for carrying a hidden, loaded weapon in public making it easier for dangerous people to do so. So please contact the members of the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee and encourage them to vote NO.

Rep Roegner 614-466-1177

Rep Becker 614-466-8134

Rep Leland 614-466-2473

Rep Ashford 614-466-1401

Rep Holmes 614-466-3488

Rep Koehler 614-466-2038

Rep Merrin 614-466-1731

Rep Miller 614-466-6005

Rep Retherford 614-466-6721


Source: Mom’s Demand Action-Ohio


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