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Tell Mike Turner: Dreamers need relief, now!

On March 5, the number of DACA recipients who lose their protections will skyrocket from 122 per day to more than 1,200 per day.  The president created a crisis for this community when he eliminated DACA protections in September of last year, and Congressional Republicans have dangled the fate of the Dreamers as leverage in several legislative negotiations.

Republicans could hold a vote today on a clean fix for DACA protections, and it would pass with overwhelming, bipartisan support in both chambers and with the approval of a clear majority of Americans.  Today, call Mike Turner and remind him of his responsibility to protect all his constituents.

Call: Mike Turner at 202-225-6465

Script:  “Hi, my name is [NAME], calling from [ADDRESS ]. I’m calling to urge Rep. Turner to SUPPORT a clean Dream Act.  We need a legislative fix to this problem the president created in September before thousands of innocent people are threatened with deportation per day.  I also urge Rep. Turner to publicly OPPOSE the harmful, un-American proposals from the Trump Administration with regard to ending family reunification, building a border wall, etc.  These only serve to rip families apart and close us off from the world.  

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