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Call Turner and Portman…we will hold them accountable!


Call Portman and Tuner

The next step to fighting the Trump Tax Scam is Replace and Repeal. And it’s simple: We must hold Republicans who voted for this bill accountable and replace them in Congress. Then, we must repeal the scam.

Call 1-855-980-2350 to start making accountability (or thank you) calls to your members of Congress (MoCs). This number will connect you to the Capitol Switchboard. Tell Republicans how angry you are and that we won’t forget their vote. Tell Democrats you’re grateful they held strong and you hope they stay strong when Republicans come after Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security next year.


Call script example:

Caller: Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. I am extremely disappointed that [Congressman / Senator] ___ voted for the tax bill. It is a giveaway to the wealthy and corporations paid for by cutting health care coverage and raising taxes on the middle class. It’s a disgrace that [Congressman / Senator] joined nearly all of [her / his] colleagues in voting for it.

Staffer:. Thank you so much for calling. Unfortunately, the [Congressman / Senator] disagrees with you on this issue. She/he felt that this was the time for tax reform that would grow our economy, simplify the tax code, and make our businesses more productive and competitive.

Caller: This scam of a bill doesn’t accomplish any of those goals—it just makes our tax code even more slanted toward the wealthy and corporations, at the expense of families that need health insurance or itemize their taxes. I also want the [Congressman / Senator] to know that I expect [her / him] to oppose the destructive Trump agenda in the new year. [She / he] must make up for this vote by opposing cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs that people rely on.

Staffer: I’ll pass along your thoughts to the [Congressman / Senator].

Caller: Yes please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what the Senator decides to do in the new year.

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