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DACA…Clean Dream Act!

Senate Majority Leader McConnell says there is no urgency to pass a clean Dream Act this year. He is not taking the lives of over 11,000 immigrant youth who have already lost their DACA into consideration!

Congress’ attention (and ours) shifts to the government spending bill. The government will shut down this Friday, December 8 unless a “continuing resolution” (CR) is passed. A CR allows Congress to extend the current government funding levels to keep the government open temporarily.

Democrats have real leverage in this fight. Republicans need 60 votes in the Senate and spending bills in the House have required Democratic votes to pass in recent years. We’re calling on Democrats to use their leverage to support Dreamers.

In September, Trump announced his termination of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an Obama-era executive action allowing Dreamers to obtain work permits and live without fear of deportation after passing a background check and paying an application fee. Every day that goes by is a day in which the lives of immigrant youth are at risk. And with the clock running out on 800,00 Dreamers’ protections under DACA, a vote for the continuing resolution without protections for immigrant youth is a vote to deport Dreamers.

Call Sen Portman and Brown

Then grab your phone and dial 1-855-980-2355, enter your zip code when prompted, then you’ll be connected to one of your Senators. Call back and you’ll be connected to your other Senator.



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