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Protect the rights of all members of the Armed Forces

It seems like years have passed, when in fact Donald Trump has been president for only about 9 months.  (You’re not alone in feeling that way!)

In an effort to keep his many controversial actions on our representatives desks, today we return to Trump’s order banning transgender troop in the armed forces.

In the time since, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced legislation that would protect trans troops, and it has bipartisan support in the Senate.  Today, we call our Senators and let them know we expect them to take a stand (on the right side of history!).  Anyone who volunteers to protect us should be treated equally, no exceptions.

  • Call Rob Portman at 202-224-3353
  • Call Sherrod Brown at 202-224-2315

Hi. I’m from [ADDRESS], calling in support of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s legislation that protects transgender people in the military, S 1820. It has bipartisan support in the Senate, and reflects the equal treatment we should give to all who volunteer to serve in the armed forces. Can I count on Senator [NAME] to co-sponsor S. 1820?  Have they made an official statement about this bill? 


Thanks to our ally Jen Hofmann

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