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North Korean threat

Earlier today, North Korea announced that Kim Jong-un has reviewed plans for a missile attack on Guam, but will not make a decision to attack unless provoked to do so by the United States.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand the potential consequences of his aggressive rhetoric toward North Korea, so it is time for Congress to get involved and make sure that he doesn’t force the US into an unnecessary war with North Korea.

Call Rep. Turner today and ask him to demand congressional approval for any military engagement with North Korea.

Turner’s Dayton Office: (937) 225-284

Call Script:

Hi my name is [NAME], and I am a constituent from Dayton. My address is [ADDRESS].

I’m calling to urge Rep. Mike Turner to demand congressional approval before any military engagement takes place in North Korea and to vote against any request to do so. We cannot and should not stumble into another unnecessary war. Will Turner commit to standing against military engagement with North Korea?

Thank you for your time and attention.



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