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Environmental Sustainability

After our meet-up at Corner Kitchen on 9 October 2017, we wanted to share our discussion points with the rest of our membership.  The notes below are the results of the discussion which happened that night.

What Environmental Issues are most important to me that are currently threatened or could be threatened by the Trump Administration?

  • Park Lands & Funding (National, State, & Local)
  • Superfund Cleanup
  • Planting trees in the City of Dayton

What can I do?

  • Volunteer for local park.
  • Speak to legislators in the language that they use and understand.
  • Put pressure on Local Government (City) to plant more trees.

What can DIFA do as an organization?

  • Put pressure on Area Government (City, County) to plant more trees.

How will I build resilience and maintain my energy and perspective?

  • Understand that anything political is a process and takes a long time.
  • Talk about values, not specific politics, with people who see things differently than you.

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