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District 10 Indivisible for All (DIFA) has two primary missions, we want to make sure that everyone in the Dayton area has full understanding of the impacts of critical legislation at the Federal and State level.  In addition, we want to assist you in taking action to make your voice heard on those issues in a way which makes your elected officials take action based on your values.  This page is focused on providing simple, easy ways for you to make your voice heard, no matter what your time commitment and abilities are.

How much time to I have?

10 Minutes

  • Make Calls
  • Text a friend and ask them to make some calls as well!
  • Let the DIFA community know you called!  As others see that you’re engaging the process, they’ll be more energized to do the same.

1 Hour

  • Schedule or attend a visit with a Legislator or Staffer
    • State Rep. Fred Strahorn
    • State Rep. Jem Butler
    • State Rep. Niraj Antani
    • State Rep. Michael Henne
    • State Rep. Jeff Rezabeck
    • State Senator Jim Beagle
    • State Senator Peggy Lehner
    • US Rep. Mike Turner
  • Text a friend and ask them to make some visit as well!
  • Let the DIFA community know you visited!  As others see that you’re engaging the process, they’ll be more energized to do the same.

3 Hours

  • Write a letter to the editor/op-ed for the Dayton Daily News or other local paper.
  • Write call scripts for DIFA on an issue that you care about!  Write us and we’ll get you setup!
  • Go to a training on messaging, voter registration, becoming a candidate, et cetera.

What am I good at?


  • Was CJ your favorite character on the West Wing?  (That may not mean you’re a communications person, it might mean you’re smart, because CJ was obviously the best.)
  • Can you writing clearly, authentically, and persuasively on important issues?
  • If so, the NYT should hire you instead of David Brooks, but in the meantime you can:
    • Write an Op-Ed
    • Write Call to Action Scripts


  • Are you a creative?  We need you!
  • We need out-of-the-box ideas for ways to capture people’s attention and make them think about issues in new ways.
  • Funny, unusual, compelling ideas can help us plan more engaging events, capture more interest and media, and make our ideas more shareable.
  • If this is you, join DIFA’s Creative team, or just send them your idea for a slogan, campaign, or event.


  • Are you the social director of your crew?
  • Do you love to host events and parties?
  • Fantastic, we need you!  If we want the Resistance to go beyond true believers, we need the people people love to be around to bring new folks into the fold.
  • Round up people for DIFA and other resistance events.
  • Host a Viewing Party or conversation in your home, club, church, et cetera.


  • Do you have a compelling story of how Trump’s policies have affected your life?
  • These stories are the keys to changing minds and hearts.
  • Are you brave enough to share your story in the media?
  • If so, contact DIFA’s Media team and we’ll work to get your story into local media.