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This weekend, there was another mass shooting in Florida at a video game tournament in Jacksonville. How many more times will this happen before politicians act?

The United States has more guns per capita than any other peer nation; Americans constitute about 4% of the world’s population but own 42% of all civilian firearms. On average, there is a mass shooting almost every day of the year in the United States, and the nation has far higher rates of gun homicides than any other developed nation. Firearm suicides in the US are also dismally common, with suicides actually comprising the majority of gun-related deaths. However, thanks to continued lobbying by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Congress has repeatedly failed to take meaningful action and curb gun violence. America’s disproportionately high rates of gun-related deaths are both tragic and shameful. Congress can save lives by passing common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence.

Here are a few actions you can take today to support the fight to reduce gun violence and pass gun safety legislation.

1. Make sure the candidates you will be voting for in November support gun safety legislation. Find out which candidates have received the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction by visiting this website.

2. Call your congressional representatives today and take this opportunity to demand that they oppose concealed carry reciprocity.

Rep. Michael Turner(202) 225-6465

Sen. Rob Portman(202) 224-3353

Sen. Sherrod Brown(202) 224-2315

Call Script

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from Dayton.

I’m calling to urge Rep. Michael R. Turner take action to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in the United States by…

The NRA is trying to gut our gun laws — putting our communities and our families at risk. I’m asking you to block the NRA’s extremist agenda of more guns in more places for more dangerous people, no questions asked.

If the NRA gets their way, our state would be forced to abide by the weakest gun laws in the nation. The NRA wants to force all 50 states to recognize the decisions other states make about who can carry a gun in public — even rock-bottom standards that allow people who have never passed a background check or had any safety training whatsoever.And there’s nothing our state will be able to do about it.

This policy — what they call “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” — is a dream for gun extremists and a nightmare for our state’s public safety. I urge you to stand with the majority of the American people, block concealed carry reciprocity, and fight back every time the NRA tries to gut our gun laws.

Thank you for your time.