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Stop Kavanaugh

The Senate is planning to begin committee hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court on September 4, and we need to keep up the pressure on them to vote no. Today, contact your senators and make it clear that Kavanaugh’s appointment is a threat to government accountability and the ongoing Mueller investigation.

Sen. Sherrod Brown

Sen. Rob Portman
DC: (202) 224-3353
Call Script
Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state].
The next Supreme Court Justice very well may hear cases that involve Trump himself, perhaps including cases stemming from the Mueller investigation or others related to Trump’s corruption and crimes. It certainly seems like Trump specifically chose Kavanaugh in order to shield himself from accountability, as Kavanaugh has extensively written about his extreme views on presidential power. He doesn’t think sitting presidents should be criminally investigated or indicted, and thinks they have wide latitude to fire Special Counsels like Robert Mueller. Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy, and Brett Kavanaugh would shield him from accountability. Will Senator [name] commit to opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination?