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Congressional Report: May 28 – June 1

The Senate has a state work period until June 4, and the House is on recess until June 5.

Representative Turner

Major Votes: None

Other Activity

Rep. Turner has been MIA this week! (Where’s Mike???) On his website there are no postings
at all for the week. On Twitter he thanked veterans and congratulated himself for helping to
secure funding for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, but like Sen. Portman, did not comment
on common sense gun safety measures that could save lives here in Ohio and throughout our

Senator Portman

Major Votes: None

Other Activity

This week Sen. Portman has been all around Ohio focusing on his actions connected to the
opioid crisis with a few nods to the “good news” that he relates to the tax legislation. Although
he found time to tweet about FC Cincinnati, the Cavs, and Jack Nicklaus’s golf tournament,
there are no tweets or postings this week about moving forward with common sense gun safety
measures even though the rash of school shootings continues.

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