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Ask your state representative to support HB 585!

The fight against gun violence often can feel overwhelming, especially in a state that responded to the most recent school shooting by voting “Stand Your Ground” legislation out of committee.

Today, there is something you can do to fight back though. House Bill 585, a GOP-sponsored package of gun reforms advocated by Gov. Kasich, received a hearing last Thursday with vocal testimony from opponents of the bill. This bill is a package of common-sense gun safety reforms, including keeping guns out of the hands of domestic violence offenders and the “red flag” law, which gives a judge the power to temporarily restrict a person’s access to guns when they pose a danger to self or others.

This bill is a realistic and important step in the fight for gun safety legislation, and we need to make sure our legislators know that this is a priority for us – and that they aren’t just hearing from opponents of the bill.

Call your State House Representative today and ask them to support House Bill 585. Tell them that you will remember the way they vote on this issue in November. And then share this information with a friend and ask them to call too! Legislators aren’t hearing from supporters of HB 585 in large numbers. Let’s change that.

Call Fred Strahorn (District 39) at (614) 466-1607

Call Michael Henne (District 40) at (614) 644-8051

Call Jim Butler (District 41) at (614) 644-6008

Call Niraj Antani (District 42) at (614) 466-6504

Call Jeff Rezabek at (District 43) (614) 466-2960

Don’t see your legislator here? Don’t know who they are? Visit this website to find out who they are and how to contact them:



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