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We are winning on Net Neutrality. Here’s our next step.

The Senate voted this week to protect net neutrality and reverse the FCC’s decision to cede control of the internet to Big Telecom. This is a truly stunning victory – and one that was only possible because we fought together with groups around the country. Since the FCC voted to dismantle net neutrality in December, hundreds of thousands of activists like you signed petitions, sent messages to their senators, and kept those Senate phones ringing off the hook.

The House will now face the same choice: listen to their constituents or allow a misguided, illogical decision to threaten access to content online. With the net neutrality rollback set to happen on June 11, we need the House to act swiftly – which means we need to start targeting them now.

We are again faced with long odds, but the ONLY thing we can do is continue to fight.  Representatives in the House are running scared and predicting disaster in November at the ballot box, so we have some real leverage we wouldn’t have had a year ago.

In that spirit, we will double down with not one, but TWO actions today.

  • Send a message to Mike Turner with this ACLU tool:


  • Call Mike Turner and tell him to protect our access to a free and fair internet.
    • Phone number: 202-225-6465
    • Script:  “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ADDRESS].  I’m calling today to demand that Mike Turner stand up for his constituents and protect our access to a free and fair internet.  New Neutrality ensures that internet providers can’t throttle content they don’t like or didn’t create.  It levels the playing field for small web-based start ups, and it enables our freedoms of speech and press online.  To allow big telecom companies to control speeds and access to information is to reduce the power of the internet in people’s lives, and to further drive inequality as those who can pay more for access have greater opportunity as a result.  I expect Mike Turner to vote to restore Net Neutrality when it comes before the House.  We are watching and will be voting ourselves in a few short months.”


Thanks to the ACLU for some of today’s call to action.


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