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STOP School Violence ACT

After February’s Parkland high school massacre, a Republican bill introduced mere weeks before is now gaining significant traction — including the Democratic representative from Parkland. It just passed the House.

What the bill does

The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Actwould appropriate $50 million per year for:

Schools to develop “threat assessment systems” in line with recommendations from the FBI and Secret Services, in hopes of stopping such would-be killers before they commit acts of violence.
Anonymous reporting systems to be implemented for use by students, teachers, or others to contact law enforcement about potential threats.
Improving school security through the use of technologies and increased personnel.
None of the money in the bill would be used to arm teachers, the most controversial gun-related provision proposed in the wake of the shooting, one endorsed by President Trump.
The House bill was introduced by Rep. John Rutherford (R-FL4) in late January, about two weeks before the Parkland high school shooting in Rutherford’s home state. It did not take place in his home district, located in northeastern Florida bordering Georgia, hundreds of miles from the southern part of the state where the massacre occurred.

The legislation is numbered H.R. 4909 in the House and S. 2495 in the Senate.

Ready to call? Great! You’ll be calling 2 Members of Congress. You’ll either talk to a staffer or leave a voicemail. When you call:

• Be sure to say you’re a constituent calling about the Republican bill to prevent school shootings.
• Let them know you’d like them to [ support / oppose ] the STOP School Violence Act
• Share any personal feelings or stories you have on the issue
• Answer any questions the staffer has, and be friendly!

Your first call is Senator Brown:

Call your Senator’s

Rob Portman Cincinnati 513-684-3265, Columbus 614-469-6774, DC 202-224-3353

Sherrod Brown Columbus 614) 469-2083, DC (202) 224-2315

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