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The Church/State firewall is under attack.

GOP leaders in Congress are attempting to attach riders into upcoming budget appropriations bills.  These would:

  • weaken the Johnson Amendment, which currently prevents any church with tax-exempt status from endorsing political candidates.
  • relax caps on money candidates and parties can use for coordinated communications.
  • block the SEC from requiring public companies disclose political spending.
  • block the IRS from regulating dark money groups.

Have they been listening?!  These actions are the complete opposite of what Americans have been calling for, and the GOP is trying to attach them to unrelated bills so they can skip the inconvenience of debate.

Let’s make sure our MoCs know that we oppose this attempt to weaken the separation of church and state and ask them to vote against any appropriations bill that contains this politically contentious addition. More information about the Johnson Amendment can be found from Project FairPlay here.

  • Call Mike Turner at 202-225-6465
  • Call Rob Portman at 202-224-3353
  • Call Sherrod Brown at 202-224-2315

Script:  “Hi, my name is [NAME] and i’m calling from [ADDRESS].  I am concerned about reports that the GOP is seeking to attach dangerous riders to appropriations bills.  I want Rep/Sen. [NAME] to commit to voting against any bill that weakens the Johnson Amendment.  This is a firewall between church and state.  I also want Rep/Sen. [NAME] to oppose any bill that blocks the IRS from regulating dark money groups.  Americans are calling out to drain the swamp, so I can’t imagine why the GOP is seeking to give shelter and anonymity to the swamp creatures.”

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