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Congressional Report: February 19-February 23, 2018

Congressional Report: February 19-February 23, 2018

The House and Senate were in recess Feb 20-22, and no events were scheduled Feb 23.

A slow week for Congress, despite the non stop chaos.  A review of the websites of Rep. Turner and Sen Portman showed that neither issued any public statements on the school shootings last week that have dominated media coverage.   

Representative Turner

Major Votes

February 14: Turner voted yea on HR3299, Protecting Consumers Access to Credit Act of 2017, a bill that authorizes the rate of interest on a loan to remain unchanged even after it is transferred from one bank to another.

Other Activity

A review of Turner’s  record reveals he hasn’t sponsored a bill that was enacted, since HR2207 Be Safe Act, introduced 5/23/13. (Govtrack)

Note: The NRA has spent $23,465 in direct and outside support to help Turner, and $0 in opposition.

Senator Portman

Major Votes

February 15: voted Yea on HR2579, Broader Options For Americans Act, which failed.  It would have authorized legal status and possible citizenship for individuals registered under the DACA program.  

Other Activity
February 15: Portman introduced legislation with two other senators to enhance border security and codify DACA protections.  It would establish a $25 billion trust fund to enhance border security, and allow dreamers to stay. It would codify DACA protections for those currently covered, and preserve the current renewal process at two year intervals.  The border portion calls for not less than 700 miles of reinforced fencing, additional barriers, access patrol roads, cameras and sensors, and manned/unmanned aircraft. Spending would be limited to $5 billion in any fiscal year. 

Note: The NRA has spent $3,061,941 in direct and outside support to help Sen. Portman win, and $0 to oppose him. 

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