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Congressional Report: February 11-February 17

Congressional Report: February 11-February 17

Representative Turner

Major Votes

February 15: As the nation was mourning the school killings yesterday, our House and Mike Turner voted to advance the misleadingly named “ADA Education and Reform Act” {HR 620}, a bill that would roll back many of the hard-won protections in the ADA – Americans With Disabilities Act.

Other Activity

Note: News of Turner this week is all about him deposing fellow congressman, Californian Darrell Issa, in Turner’s divorce proceedings.

February 15: A call to Turner’s office revealed no new statement on gun violence, so according to his voting record he still opposes common sense gun control. So, what is his stance on solving this killing of school children? NO change in his support of the 2nd Amendment and position against gun control.

Senator Portman

Major Votes

February 15: The Republican-led Senate blocked both Trump’s immigration  plan and a bipartisan alternative, a failure that casts doubt on whether congress will ever resolve the fate of DREAMERS. Portman voted no to all plans.

Other Activity

Note: Since the shooting in south Florida on February 14th, it will be interesting to see what statements Portman makes. To date, he has made none.

Important to remember that Portman has an “A” rating with the NRA and has received over $3 million dollars in campaign contributions from them over his political career. He also voted “NO” on banning high capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. He voted “YES” on prohibiting suing gunmakers and sellers for gun misuse.

From Portman’s web site: “I believe we should work to reduce gun violence through better enforcement of current gun laws, enhancing school security, and ensuring that those who suffer from mental illness—a common thread in attacks—receive proper care.”

February 12: Portman opposed WH FY 19 budget request cut to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

February 14: Portman praised Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. He thanked him for providing direct relief to American families and called it “amazing” that more than 4 million Americans are now receiving more benefits from their employers.

February 15: Portman joined Senator Brown and bipartisan senators to introduce a bill to combat drug-facilitated human trafficking

February 13: Former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned last  week after his two ex-wives came forward publicly with allegations of spousal abuse, previously worked as a top aide for Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio. “I was shocked to hear about charges”, Portman said.


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