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Send a comment to the EPA: Save the Clean Power Plan!

The Clean Power Plan would prevent 90,000 asthma attacks and 3,600 premature deaths per year. But Trump’s EPA head Scott Pruitt is replacing this important climate action with a do-nothing plan that lets polluters off the hook. Replacing the Clean Power Plan is a double whammy for our communities: It will result in increased rates of respiratory illness and premature death while worsening climate change.

The Clean Power Plan is the strongest climate action our nation has taken to limit the carbon pollution from coal power plants. By moving to repeal the Clean Power Plan, Pruitt is doing the bidding of big corporations and polluters, putting their profits before the health and safety of our children and families.

The EPA has an open comment period on their plan to replace the Clean Power Plan and the deadline is February 26. We need to flood their inboxes to show Pruitt that we care about clean air.

Step 1:  Click this link to visit the comment site for this EPA rule repeal.

Step 2:  Tell the EPA why we shouldn’t repeal the clean power plan.  It will result in additional respiratory illness and asthma.  It will lead to additional greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere.  It will signal that the country is more interested in propping up dirty fossil energy rather than supporting clean, renewable technologies.  It will threaten jobs in the renewable energy sector, which is growing at an incredible rate.

Step 3:  Submit your comment.  Easy as that!


Thanks to the Sierra Club for the content of Today’s CTA.

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