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Oppose Dangerous State Gun Laws. Call Legislators today!

According to a recent Dayton Daily News article, there are about a dozen pieces of legislation pending at the Ohio Statehouse that would expand access to guns and their prevalence in our lives.  They are:

  1. HB373: Allow concealed carry weapons permitholders to carry hidden firearms in courthouses and government buildings.
  2. HB228 and SB180: Change the duty to retreat requirements to enable “Stand your ground” and shift the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the prosecution.
  3. HB201 and SB142: Eliminate the CCW permit program and allow anyone 21 or older to carry concealed weapons as long they don’t face other legal restrictions.
  4. HB142: Eliminate the requirement that CCW permitholders disclose that they’re carrying a weapon when stopped by police.
  5. HB79: Allow paramedics assigned to SWAT teams to carry weapons.
  6. HB233: Allow CCW permitholders who carry weapons into prohibited areas to only risk facing criminal charges if they refuse to leave.
  7. HB253 and SB208: Allow off-duty police officers to carry firearms in areas that are otherwise prohibited for CCW permitholders.
  8. HB310: Allow elected officeholders with CCW permits to carry weapons in government buildings.
  9. SB234: Bar landlords from banning tenants in subsidized rental properties from having firearms within the unit.
  10. SB81: Change the CCW permit rules for military personnel.
  11. SB122: Allow CCW permitholders to carry hidden guns in the Ohio Statehouse and its grounds.

In the spirit of the courageous and tenacious students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who are now advancing the safety conversation nationwide, let’s call our state Legislators and let them know we oppose efforts to loosen gun protections and make guns more prevalent in our daily lives.

Step 1:  Identify one or two of the bills above that you feel most passionate about.

Step 2:  Find your Legislator’s contact info from this link or this list.

Step 3:  Call, and speak from your heart about why these bills are wrong for Ohio, for our safety, for your grandchildren, or for whomever compels you to stand up and fight.

“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ADDRESS] about [Piece of legislation].  I want Rep. [NAME] to oppose this bill because…”


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