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Submit a comment to stop coastal drilling.

On January 4, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke revealed a draft plan for expanding the sale of federal offshore drilling leases to the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, as well as the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  Shortly afterward, Zinke announced that Florida’s two coasts would not be included in the expansion.

Zinke, in a news release, said the administration’s two purposes for the new offshore strategy were to 1) unleash U.S. energy resources while 2) listening to local and state voices about the effort. {Source}

Many states are pushing back against this draft expansion plan. The comment period is open through January 29. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to this link and click “Comment Now!”  OR
  2. Email your comment to and include Docket Number BSEE-2017-0008 in the subject and body of the message.
  3. Fax comments to 202-395-5806, addressed to: Interior Desk Officer 1014-0003, Office of Management and Budget. Use Docket Number BSEE-2017-0008 in your message.

Some tips for your comment:

  • Make it personal.  Why do you have an opinion about offshore drilling?  Do you own  property in a coastal community? Are you a frequent visitor?
  • Tell a story.  Do you have fond memories of your kids building sand castles on pristine beaches?  Did a loved one lose their business after the Deepwater Horizon event?
  • Ground it in facts.  We have ample renewable opportunities at our fingertips.  After the explosion of fracking in the Northeast, the price of Natural Gas plummeted because of a glut of supply.  We don’t have a supply problem, we have an addiction to fossil energy, and more of it will only delay a necessary and inevitable transition to renewable energy.

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