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Mike Turner: Where are you?

As our Tweeter in Chief continues to taunt international allies and foes alike, we must stop and ask:  Where is Mike Turner and why isn’t he loudly calling for a return to stability and diplomacy?  By effectively ignoring the President’s taunts and childish rhetoric, our member of Congress is tacitly condoning these actions.

Representative Turner’s major areas of interest include security, the military, and defense.  Our President is putting us all at risk by impulsively and recklessly treating these topics like tools to be used on the set of a reality show.

Today, call Representative Turner at 202-225-6465, and share your name, address and phone number.

Ask his staff some of these questions:

  • Does Representative Turner condone the taunting, childish way the President chooses to engage with nations like North Korea?
  • Does he believe this is the intelligent way forward to create stability and security on the Korean peninsula?
  • How can Rep. Turner stay silent while the President puts us all at risk?
  • When does Rep. Turner plan to publicly call out this behavior and seek a return to Presidential behavior from our President?
  • Where are Rep. Turner’s public statements on the alarming departures from normal order this administration has taken with regard to foreign relations, both with allies and adversaries?

Rep. Turner: your constituents are watching, and we see your disappointing reluctance to break with this madness and stand on principle.  We will vote accordingly later this year.



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