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A week of rest and gratitude, part 1.

After the brutal political year we have all just endured, let’s take a moment (or a week!) to rest, and fortify ourselves for the battles ahead.  Nothing reminds us of our “why” like reflection and gratitude.

Today, take a moment to thank a journalist, activist, politician, or friend who inspires you, keeps you energized, or sustains your spirit when it seems all is lost.

Journalists often only hear from disgruntled readers or viewers who are unhappy with the content of their work.  Let’s remind our favorite journalists that many of us still value the integrity and professionalism they display under unprecedented attacks from the President.

If you follow an activist on Facebook or Twitter, let them know that their energy is not wasted; that it compels you to action or lifts your spirit.

For those who have been calling Republican members of Congress, give Sherrod Brown’s office a call and thank him for working tirelessly on behalf of the people of Ohio.

We are like a chorus singing: when one voice gets tired, it can pause to breathe while the rest of us sustain the notes.  The power of our sound continues through the pauses for breath.  Let’s remind each other of that and prepare for the important work ahead.


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