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Call to Stop Tax Bill!

Your elected officials must keep hearing from you. More than 13 million families could lose their health insurance if the individual mandate is repealed through this bill. Immigrants, students, adoptive parents, people on Medicaid and Medicare, people with debt, and so many more stand to lose just so billionaires can get a tax break.

Just as bad, the Trump Tax Scam makes existing racial inequality even worse. The majority of the benefits of the Trump Tax Scam flow to the top 1%—a slice of the population that is 82% white but only 3% Black and 5% Latin

Call Portman and Brown

A toll-free number (1-855-980-2350) was set up to make it easier to call your Senators. It’ll randomly dial one of your Senators on the first call. Then, if you call back, you’ll get your other Senator.

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