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Call Portman about Tax Plan!

The Senate comes back from recess today and they have one goal: pass tax cuts for their billionaire donors and wealthy families like the Trumps. That means we have just one weekly to-do for you this week: defeat the #TrumpTaxScam.

The Senate is expected to vote on the Motion to Proceed (a pre-vote vote) as early as Wednesday and they could take a final vote as early as Friday.

The only reason defeating this bill is remotely possible is because of you. With full control over both chambers of Congress and the White House, the Republicans’ agenda (health care repeal, this scammy tax bill, and more) should’ve been easy for them to pass. But at each and every turn, your constituent pressure has stopped them in their tracks. And the GOP is feeling the heat from their donors because you’ve ground their agenda to a halt.

Now, just like with healthcare, if we make some noise, show up, and put relentless pressure on our members of Congress, we can win. Here’s what you can do…Call, email, fax Sen Portman. If you can stop by one of his offices and talk to a staffer.


Sen Portman 1-855-980-2350

Caller: Hello! My name is [NAME] and I live in [PART OF STATE]. I’m calling to let Senator Portman know that I strongly oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill has NOT gone through regular order, and it will cause hundreds of thousands of Ohioans to lose their health insurance coverage and drive up premiums for everyone else.

Staffer: Senator Portman is undecided on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He thinks it is important that we reform our broken, complex tax code so that middle-class families can benefit.

Caller: This tax bill won’t do anything to simplify the tax code, or make it better for middle class families. Premiums in Ohio will go up by over $1,400 if this tax bill passes, and over 716,000 Ohio families will see a tax increase! Senator Portman didn’t stand up for his constituents in the fight to repeal Obamacare, but he has the opportunity to make that right this time.

Staffer: I’ll pass your thoughts along to the Senator.

Caller: Yes please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what the Senator decides to do.

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