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GOP #Taxscam targets Teachers and students. CALL TODAY with our script.

The proposed tax legislation being considered by our representatives is the biggest assault on the poor and middle class, and the biggest giveaway to the wealthy our country has ever entertained.

Today, we will focus on one targeted group: students and teachers.

We all know a teacher who supplies her classroom with hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars of equipment, all out-of-pocket.  This speaks to inadequate school funding, but at least teachers have been able to  enjoy some tax breaks for purchasing supplies with their own money.

Republicans now seek to eliminate these deductions. 

Likewise, we all know a student who has taken out a loan of some type to obtain a degree or certificate.  Education is the silver bullet, leading to higher incomes, better health, and more engaged citizenship.  While the cost of higher education is certainly an issue in and of itself, at least students have been able to take advantage of a tax deduction on their loan interest payments.  12 million people rely on this deduction to reduce their tax burden while repaying their loans.

Republicans now seek to eliminate these deductions.  

Call your Members of Congress and demand that they vote NO on any tax bill that seeks to give breaks to corporations and the wealthy at the expense of students and teachers.

  • Call Mike Turner at 202-225-6465
  • Call Rob Portman at 202-224-3353
  • Call Sherrod Brown at 202-224-2315

Script:  “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ADDRESS].  I am calling today to demand that [NAME] vote NO on any tax bill that eliminates deductions for teachers who supply their students out-of-pocket, and for students who are paying back crushing loan debt.  We simply MUST invest in education, and not give more money to corporations with record profits.  I will be watching this vote closely.”

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