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The best way to #Resist is to #Vote.

All of the energy we have harnessed since last November’s disastrous election is about to pay off.  After we picked ourselves up off of bathroom and kitchen floors on the morning of November 9th, we vowed: “Never again.”  Right now, you have an opportunity to make good on that promise.

Early voting has begun for this election, so now is the time to make a plan.

Do you need to know the available dates and times for early in person voting?  Click here.

Do you need an absentee ballot?  Click here.

Do you need to look up your polling location? Click here.

Do you want to volunteer to get out the vote for local progressive candidates?  One option is to contact the Montgomery County Democratic Party, M-F, 9a-2p at this number:  (937) 222-4007.  There are options to canvass for candidates on upcoming weekends.

Whatever you do, be sure to vote.  We must build the bench by electing strong local officials!


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