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Clean Dream Act!

5 Oct was the last day for DACA renewal.  Now we must keep pressure on Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act.

Ask for Democrats: Take the “DREAMer Pledge.” What is the DREAMer Pledge? It’s simple. If Congress hasn’t passed the DREAM Act by Dec. 8th—when funding for the government expires—then they will insist on it being a part of the December spending bill. The pledge is that they will commit to voting against the Dec. “continuing resolution” unless it contains a clean DREAM Act.

Ask for Republicans: Sign-on to the DREAM Act. Every Member of Congress should be on the DREAM Act, and in fact there are a couple of Republicans who have joined their Democratic colleagues in co-sponsoring.

Call and keep pressure regarding DACA!

Rep Turner 202-225-6465

Sen Portman 202-224-3353

Sen Brown  202-224-2315


Current DACA are…

95% are currently working or in school
48% got a job with better working conditions
63% got a better paying job
90% got a driver’s license or state ID
54% bought their first car
12% bought their first home

Click below for Opinion poll and facts.

Public Support for the DREAM Act

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