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Puerto Rico is still struggling… And the Trump Administration just made the struggle worse.

Here are some facts about the state of recovery in Puerto Rico nearly three weeks after it was hit by Hurricane Maria:

  1. Only 11% of people have had electrical power restored.
  2. Drinking water supplies have been restored to nearly 60% of the island but some areas in the north remained at around 20%.
  3. The distribution of supplies including food, water and fuel has been a major challenge for the struggling government after Maria wiped out its power grid, flooded roads and crippled the communications system.
  4. The death toll has risen to 45, and at least 113 remain unaccounted for.
  5. At least two people have died from leptospirosis, which spreads when the urine of infected animals gets into drinking water.
  6. 47% have no phone service.
  7. Less than 19% of cell phone towers are functional.

The Trump Administration has previously waived the Jones Act to speed recovery in Puerto Rico, and lower costs for the cash strapped island.  Under the Jones Act, only ships registered in the US can transport goods to Puerto Rico.  It is much faster and cheaper to be able to use shipping companies that register their ships elsewhere.

The Jones Act waiver has expired, and the Trump Administration has no intention to renew it for the duration of this recovery, jeopardizing people’s lives and lengthening an already brutal process.

Today, call your members of Congress and demand that they pressure the administration to waive the Jones Act for at least one year, so Puerto Rico can move forward as quickly as possible.

  • Call Mike Turner at 202-225-6465
  • Call Rob Portman at 202-224-3353
  • Call Sherrod Brown at 202-224-2315

For more information, click here, here and here.

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