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Ohio Statehouse HB 61 and HB 214

There are two bills that have hearings this week. The House Ways and Means Committee heard proponent testimony Tuesday on HB 61, a bill that would end Ohio’s sales tax on the sale of feminine hygiene products. This tax on a basic necessity can be especially burdensome to women in poverty. Currently, 13 states and DC exempt these products from sales taxes. With four doing so in the past year. We need to highlight the importance of rolling back this tax on Ohio’s women.

The second bill HB 214, preventing women from aborting a fetus diagnosed with Down Syndrome if that diagnosis is in some way part of the reason for seeking the abortion, will receive a third hearing this week. The House Health Committee will meet on Wednesday to hear opponent and interested party testimony on the bill.

Call your Ohio Statehouse Rep and voice your opinion on the bills before they come to a vote!

Find your rep here:

HB 61 text click below

HB 214 text click below



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