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Weekends are great for making calls!

Are you uncomfortable making calls to your members of Congress during business hours because you dislike talking to strangers?

Feel intimidated, and worry that the staffers might be judgmental, harsh or rush you off the phone?

Do you feel anxiety about your level of knowledge of the bills and actions we ask you to make calls on?

Do you have a demanding work schedule, or does being an awesome parent eat up your day before you get a chance to make calls?

You’re in luck!  You can always call and leave messages for your representative and senators after hours and on weekends.  If you leave your name and address with zip code, they will still be able to tally your call.

So get calling!

Mike Turner:  (202) 225-6465

Rob Portman:  (202) 224-3353

Sherrod Brown:  (202) 224-2315

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