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Ohio would be devastated by Graham-Cassidy

For Ohioans, a lot is on the line. Under this bill, the health care of 1.9 million people with pre-existing conditions and 220,000 people relying on the ACA for treatment for opioid abuse would be in jeopardy in Ohio alone. Ohio also stands to lose $2.5 billion in federal funding by 2026.

Sadly, we can’t know the exact extent of the damage that could be done to Ohio, because as the Congressional Budget Office noted earlier this week, their non-partisan report on the Graham-Cassidy bill will not include formal coverage, premium, or deficit estimates, as a consequence of the GOP’s race to vote prior to the September 30 deadline for reconciliation.

Once again, Call Rob Portman and remind him that his constituents can’t afford to lose lifesaving coverage!

(202) 224-3353

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