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Trumpcare 3.0

We knew we weren’t completely out of the woods on TrumpCare, but we got good news on September 1, when the Senate Parliamentarian (basically the referee on Senate rules and procedure) announced that the legislative vehicle that Republicans were trying to use for TrumpCare would expire at the end of the fiscal year. While this might seem straightforward, this was a totally open question to which no one in Washington knew the real answer.

That decision set a new deadline of September 30. As Congress returned to Washington, that seemed like a tough deadline to meet, given Congress’s packed September agenda. The packed agenda worked in our favor—with so many deadlines to meet, Republicans would have a hard time pivoting back to health care or moving on to the Trump tax scam. The Senate had also committed to a bipartisan process with hearings—based on your work—and this process is expected to produce a bipartisan bill to improve and stabilize the ACA marketplaces. It did not seem like there was room for TrumpCare.

Donald Trump wasted no time lighting a fire under Senate Republicans to take another stab at TrumpCare. And despite the tight timeline, some Senate Republicans are not willing to give up on a 7-year goal without one last try and are working on a last ditch effort. And that’s exactly what Republicans are doing now. Senator John McCain, who opposed TrumpCare in July, said that he would support the Graham-Cassidy bill, under certain conditions. If all other Republicans hold, that would give Mitch McConnell the 50 votes plus Vice President Pence’s tie breaker that he needs to jam TrumpCare through the Senate.

Call to see where our reps stand on this new bill

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