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Urge state legislators to oppose dangerous gun bills

The Ohio Legislature is back in session and focusing on further loosening restrictions on concealed carry permit holders.
Two important bills dealing with firearms will receive hearings this week in the House Federalism & Interstate Relations Committee on Tuesday @ 2:30 pm.
HB 142 would eliminate the requirement that a concealed carry permit holder must inform a police officer during a traffic stop that he or she is carrying a concealed firearm.
HB 253 would allow law enforcement officers to carry firearms while off duty in places that currently do not permit concealed carry. The bill would essentially allow off duty law enforcement officers to carry wherever they would normally be permitted to carry while on duty.
We need you to contact Committee Members and urge them to oppose bills that will undermine public safety in our state, like HB 142 and HB 253.

House Federalism & Interstate Relations Committee contact information is below:

Kristina Roegner (R  – Chair):  (614) 466-1177
P. Scott Lipps (R – Vice Chair): (614) 644-6023
David Leland (D – Ranking Member): (614) 466-2473
Michael Ashford (D): (614) 466-1401
John Becker (R): (614) 466-8134
Wesley Goodman (R): (614) 644-6265
Glenn Holmes (D):  (614) 466-3488
J. Kyle Koehler (R): (614) 466-2038
Derek Merrin (R): (614) 466-1731
Adam Miller (D): (614) 644-6005
Wes Retherford (R):  (614) 644-6721
Ron Young (R): (614) 644-6074
Paul Zeltwanger (R): (614) 644-6027

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