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Examining our biases and being better allies

Today we bring you a call to do some difficult self reflection.  Although many of us believe ourselves to be allies of minority and marginalized communities, we may still harbor some negative thoughts and stereotypes about these same communities.  The website Wall-of-Us has created today’s CTA, so that we can learn more about these biases, and take steps to deepen our commitment to fairness and justice.

“Most of us don’t find it hard to condemn the white supremacists and Nazis who descended upon Charlottesville. What is more difficult is owning and addressing the implicit bias and prejudices that we all have. Charlottesville woke us up (again), it’s on all of us to #staywoke.”

Here’s how:

  1. Read this article, and this one to learn about implicit basis and racism.
  2. Watch this video (part of a series on bias) from the NYT to understand how we all have bias, how it is different than racism, and how it might contribute to racism.
  3. Take the Harvard Race Implicit Bias Test.

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