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Demand that Trump fire White House staff members who are allies to alt-right movement

Today, we are going to ask you to take some time to fight back against the white supremacy we saw in action this weekend in Charlottesville by asking our elected leaders to demand that Trump fire White House staff members who are allies to the alt-right movement and prevent new such appointments.

We can’t believe this is an ask that needs to be made, but this is where we are. Donald Trump refuses to disavow, or even publicly disapprove of, the racist white nationalist movement that organized the rally in Charlottesville, VA. This might be because his racist and discriminatory agenda have won him the support of the alt-right. It is unacceptable that Donald Trump refuses to condemn white nationalism, and has chosen high-profile members of the alt-right movement to advise him in the White House.

Our congressional leaders need to help change that. First, they can sign on to co-sponsor H.Con.Res 77, which is a resolution introduced by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal to condemn hate groups and demand Trump fire staff that support white nationalism. Second, they can shut down the addition of new appointees that traffic in racism. Trump has nominated Sam Clovis, a conservative talk radio host, to be the chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture. Clovis is not a scientist, but he did help fuel the racist birther movement.

Take a few minutes to call Turner, Portman, and Brown’s offices and ask them to demand that Trump disavow white nationalism and fire staff associated with it, starting with Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, sign on to H.Con.Res 77, and oppose the Clovis nomination so additional people with histories of racism are not added to the Administration.

Sen. Sherrod Brown’s Cincinnati office: (513) 684-1021

Sen. Rob Portman’s Cincinnati office: 513-684-3265
Rep. Mike Turner’s Dayton office: (937) 225-2843

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