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Senator Rob Portman’s Regulatory Accountability Act


This bill will fundamentally restructure the way federal regulations are written and enacted. In short the bill will put corporate profits over public health by
Codifying into law a cost/benefit analysis that weighs industry profits with “benefits” that are often difficult to quantify, such as whether or not a child gets asthma from polluted air.

Opening up regulations to be a “public tribunal” process through which corporations can challenge any new rules. This would put industry lawyers, whose job is to protect industry profit margins, on the same playing field as public servants and scientists, whose only job is to enact protections and safeguards for the people.

Significantly extend the writing and review process of new regulations, which in the end would discourage agencies like the EPA and FDA from going through expensive process of writing new rules if they expect corporations to challenge.

Call Senator Portman’s office and express that you do not support a bill that prioritizes corporate profits over our health and safety. You can call Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin’s offices as well, Democrats who co-sponsor the bill.

Senator Portman’s DC Office – (202) 224-3353
Senator Heitkamp’s DC Office- (202) 224-2043
Senator Manchin’s DC Office- (202) 224-3954

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