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Ohio Budget Attacks Medicaid Expansion

The Ohio Statehouse passed a budget bill yesterday that includes an attack on Medicaid expansion that could result in more than 500,000 people losing coverage. We need to make sure this gets vetoed!

Innovation Ohio says that the Ohio Budget limits access to Medicaid by:

Freezing the Medicaid expansion beginning in July, 2018,
Cutting off benefits to job-seekers & those on waiting lists for addiction treatment,
Terminating coverage for failure to pay a new monthly premium,
And just like its Congressional counterpart, the Ohio bill does all this while preserving an unproven tax giveaway to the rich and well-connected.

BY FRIDAY – Call Governor Kasich and ask him to veto all three limits on Medicaid enrollment in the state budget. He needs to hear from Ohioans in large numbers!

Call Kasich’s office at (614) 466-3555.

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