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Help Make Ohio’s Congressional Districts Fairly Represented

Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio needs our help to end gerrymandered districts in Ohio and get redistricting reform on the ballot next fall! Right now, too many Members of Congress are protected by safe, gerrymandered districts that practically guarantee reelection. They don’t have to be accountable to their constituents. We need to make sure that our elected officials are actually fighting for us and representing our interests. Changing the way congressional districts are drawn in Ohio is a step in the right direction.

In order to change the way Ohio congressional districts are drawn, Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio has proposed a constitutional amendment that calls for a bipartisan redistricting commission to draw fair congressional districts that incorporate public input. This would replace the current, extremely partisan process that leaves us with lopsided districts that favor the party in power.
In order to get this amendment on the ballot, however, they need to collect 305,591 valid voter signatures by July 5, and they need your help to get this done.

Sign up here to volunteer to collect signatures:

To find more information about gerrymandered districts or the proposed constitutional amendment, visit the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio website:

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